Introductory Email

The number one way to contact college coaches is by email. An introductory email is the first step in the journey and is a great way to send your general information to college coaches.

  1. Set up an eye-catching subject line
    • Put the year you graduate high school
    • Your position on the field and club team name
    • Any stat that will impress the coach and/or Tournament Schedule
    • example: "2021, Center Midfield, Arlington SA Academy, Jefferson Cup Schedule Attached' "
  2. Include your crucial information
    • Your general information: Name, graduation year, high school and club name
    • Academics: GPA, SAT test scores, ACT test score, field of study
    • Athletics: sports specific stats and relevant measurables
    • Contact information: your phone number and email, as well as the contact information for your coaches
    • Include your HIGHLIGHT TAPE and CV
  3. Why are you interested in the school?
    • "This university has the major I want to study"
    • "I saw a game, like the team's style of play, and know I will be a good asset to the team"
    • "I have already been admitted into the university's school of ____"
  4. Sign off
    • "All the best, YOUR NAME"
    • "I will be contacting you again soon, YOUR NAME"