About C-R

“Hard work, and smart work, will always pay off”

made to help high-school students play in college…

College Recruit was created by @1uis0choa in 2018 as a way to help high school athletes pursue their goals of playing their favorite sport in college.

During his senior year of high school, @1uis0choa decided he wanted to continue playing the sport he loved in college. At first, he didn’t know what steps to take, or even where to begin. He looked on the internet for hours and eventually found articles, videos, and even websites that gave him some tips and insights of what a prospective high school student-athlete should do if they want to play in college. The information was difficult to find and many websites claim to help high school athletes but don’t do a very good job. Some websites even make students pay a monthly $subscription$ and @1uis0choa was not comfortable doing that. A few months later, after many google searches, emails to college coaches, and soccer tournaments, @1uis0choa committed to play soccer for Marymount University, an NCAA DIII school in his hometown.

During his freshmen year, @1uis0choa enrolled as an Information Technology major at the School of Business and Technology. In one of his first IT classes, he was assigned to code a website that would benefit a specific community of like-minded individuals. He chose to make a website for high school student-athletes looking to play in a college program. Thus College-Recruit was born. A young @1uis0choa had ideas of creating a student-athlete database, gathering the best information on college recruitment, and connecting college coaches & athletes with college recruits.

College-Recruit.com is for the athlete who is willing to work hard and smart to achieve their goals. It was made to help high-school students play and succeed in college.